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Our mission
We aim to reinvent and redesign domestic and industrial products to significantly improve their functionality, shape and materiality, with maximum emphasis on high quality and longevity. We commit to the highest possible ecological and ethical standards in our products and our company.
Our history
The German inventor Marian Piper and the Swiss product designer François Locher, both fathers of several children, got together to reinvent and redesign the current baby pram model with its insufficient functionality, redundant nineties design, generally poor quality and low ecological and ethical standards.

They promptly added the Swiss mechanical engineer Matthias Günthart to the team and together founded a limited Swiss company (GmbH.) They also then established collaboration with FHNW, one of Switzerland’s leading universities of applied sciences.
How we work
We see ourselves as a think tank for product development and design, always searching to improve the basic present and future life conditions for all sentient beings directly or indirectly involved in our projects. We aim to form an active part of an intelligent interdisciplinary global network and a work ethic committed to an earth-friendly economy.

The approach to all our projects will always be as holistic as possible. We are interested in the forgotten and traditional, as well as in innovative future ideas, materials as well as technologies.

We develop on our own behalf as well as on behalf of third parties.
The evolutionary leap of the pram
unprecedented and unrivaled design features: ultra-compact | folds and unfolds at the push of a button | adjustable height

ground-breaking technology | 43 pages of patent (pending) | wider product application

> 100k potential customers per year, in Germany alone

premiumization is a primary growth factor within the global baby stroller and pram market
Opening of chassis
Lift and pushchair
Driving modes
Closing with carrycot
Who and what we need
Enterprising investors who want to finance the development of the stroller leading to series maturity with long-term participatory loans and who want to participate in its success,

a manufacturing and a distribution company for the operational business,

sales partners for premium strollers.
Functional prototype of the chassis
The functional prototype of the chassis is our proof of concept: with purely mechanical energy, the chassis will open AND close at the push of a button. The system receives the energy it needs from a gas pressure spring in the lift, which counteracts the child's weight, similar to an office chair.
In order to be able to close and open the chassis at the push of a button, the lift is coupled to the chassis jibs. In addition, the jibs are coupled to one another so that they do not block each other when the chassis is opened and closed and the stroller is in a safe position at all times during the process.

Note: The push bar is a temporary construction! Later it is fast and easily operated with one hand and a single button.

Locher, Piper & Partner GmbH commissioned the Lüneburg-based engineering Dr.-Ing. Roland Schröder with the construction of the functional prototype of the chassis.

On August 30th, 2022, Dr.-Ing. Roland Schröder presented the improved prototype to our team. We were particularly impressed by the good handling of the stroller and the ultra-compact size when folded.
Auf diesen Kinderwagen habe ich 40 Jahre gewartet: praktisch, komfortabel und ästhetisch vom Feinsten.
Das Projekt könnte aus der Apple-Ideenschmiede stammen.
Und endlich ein richtig gutes, händlerfreundliches Vertriebskonzept!

Philipp Gremmler
Inhaber "Das Kinderzimmer", München
Our future premium partner shops
Over 20 premium shops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium will be our partners, and the number is constantly growing! The mutual linking will take place in the coming weeks.
Swiss main office
Matthias Günthart
Zurlindenstrasse 16 | CH-5000 Aarau
+41 79 783 38 34

Development office Germany
François Locher
Pistoriusplatz 3 | D - 13086 Berlin
+49 176 64233987

Development office Spain
Marian Piper
Quintana 113 | E-33785 Quintana-Valdés
+34 636 23 76 24 | +49 1522 33 04 788

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