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FHNW Functional prototype

Locher, Piper & Partner
Published by Matthias Günthart in QIUNO · 5 February 2021
Mr. Rodrigues, our very talented engineering bachelor student from FHNW, has completed the energy assessment of the entire stroller.

We asked: will the stroller chassis - with purely mechanical energy coupling with the lift - open and close automatically and steadily at the push of a button?

The result: the basic patent-pending concept of the stroller works!

Mr. Rodrigues has already built a prototype of the chassis, which works in initial tests in principle. This functional prototype is currently being updated according to the latest physical findings and extended to include the automatic lift. We are confident that we will overcome the last remaining minor technical hurdles.

If everything goes according to schedule, the functional model will be presented on April 28, 2021 with the following feature:

The chassis opens and closes automatically at the push of a button, with purely mechanical energy coupling with the lift.

Concurrently, our product designer François Locher is using SolidWorks to develop a 3D CAD model of the stroller, into which we will implement the mechanics of the automatic opening and closing of the chassis. The CAD model will be the basis for the construction of our second prototype, a functional design prototype, that we expect to produce using the 3D printing process.

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