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Kickoff functional prototype

Locher, Piper & Partner
Published by François Locher in QIUNO · 25 October 2021
Locher, Piper & Partner GmbH commissioned the Hamburg-based engineering office Kraftfluss Engineering GmbH & Co. KG with the construction of the functional prototype of the chassis.

On the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, 2021, we had a very intensive and productive workshop with engineer Christian Ladda in Berlin for the kickoff of the project:

   - Working out the requirement for the product, with prioritization
   - Definition of the system functions
   - Update and expansion of the specifications

Based on our previous functional models, we were able to prove again that our patent pending technology works:

   - Elevator
   - Automatic opening and closing of the chassis at the push of a button, purely mechanical, completely without electrical components

Based on our design model, we were able to understand that the handling of the stroller will be easy and practical.

The completion of the functional prototype is planned for the end of March 2022, the cost estimate is approx. 55 k€ net.

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